The Glitz, the Glamour, the big BIG SOUND

OFFICIAL BIG SOUND RECAP: Well that was very very very very very very very fun! First ever BIGSOUND, first ever show in Brisbane. Thank you to all the beautiful heads in the room, it was an overwhelming show of support and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but here come the happy tears.

I can officially say that the official BIGSOUND festival was officially big and there was no shortage of official sound. Seriously, what an honour to share the scene with such an immense pool of talented legends..both on, off, and in front of the stage. Big ups to the official BIGSOUND staff and volunteers for looking after us and to all the (ex)strangers that came to see what Not a Boys Name is all about. This is clearly the start of a beautiful relationship.

Photos by Kathryn Farmer.

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